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Post  Sariasi on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:16 am

these are the pre-patch notes for Solus Aurum
these are subject to change, and it is possible
that they are already changed!!
so don't get upset when something doesnt

This is taken from:

Pre-Patch Notes - 10/14/09 - Solus Aurum [ September 15, 2009 ]
•Lobby Renewal
•New Log-in, server selection, character selection, character creation screen added.
•New ending screens added.
•Security password system removed.
•Position of “OK” and “Cancel” buttons reversed.
•New Intro movie added.
•New Areas
•The Sanctuary
•A new dungeon awaits Rank 6 adventurers!
•Monsters range from level 125-145.
•New traps, monsters, and a new boss within.
•Seek the entrance at the Marduka Waterfall!
•The Flea Market
•A new area for player shops.
•Speak to the Flea Market NPC in each town to enter.
•Player shops can no longer be opened in town.
•New pets! You can now tame the Octopus, Naga, and Genie.
•New pet card classifications:
•Basic: Pantera, Tortus, Poultry
•Normal Basic: Orc, Yeti, Skeleton, Red Pixie, Blue Pixie, Siren, Wolf, Octopus
•Special Basic: Hawkman, Salamander, Harpy
•Normal Rare: Angel, Kentauros, Gnoll, Naga
•Special Rare: Cerberus, Genie
•Unique: White Dragon, Mystic Koala
•Basic pet cards no longer drop from monsters. They are only available from merchants.
•Monsters will now only drop pet cards based on level. For example, low level Angel monsters will no longer have a low chance of dropping an empty Angel card. Instead, they will have a normal drop rate for pet cards based on the level of the monster.
•Empty pet cards can now be used to tame any monster of the appropriate type. For example, you may now attempt to tame any Hawkman monster instead of just Fierce Dark Wing, Valtan Guard, and Unpleasant Evil Wing.
•Drop rate for Normal Basic pet cards quadrupled.
•Drop rate for Special Basic pet cards doubled.
•New monsters have arrived in Scar of Oasis, Sirag Ruins, Wound of Arrogance, and Marduka wadi.
•The local Salamander population in West Ceriu Desert has had its habitat taken over by encroaching Genies.
•The Naga have claimed land in Dead Spirit’s Altar, Pitch-black Woods, and Crystal Valley. Some of the local monster population has gone extinct as a result.
•Monsters with magical attack skills should now attack correctly at all distances.
•High-level Navislamia quest monsters will now move more quickly, use skills more often, and have stronger skills.
•Champion field boss monsters now respawn every 4 hours instead of 24 hours.
•Lady Ruina and Kiscia the Beautiful have moved their entourages slightly.
•New champion monsters now roam in Marduka.
•Difficulty and EXP altered for champion monsters.
•Champion monsters now drop more rupees and lak.
•The following buffs have had their MP costs increased and have been changed to affect all players nearby instead of only one target: Dark Might, Speed of the Wind, Rock Energy, Force of Sacred Fire, Shining Weapon, Blessing of Vitality, Blessing of Intelligence, Blessing of Strength, Divine Claw, Wind Weapon, and Shining Armor.
•Priest “Mass” Buff spells are now more powerful and affect pets as well.
•Many more items can now be enhanced through combination.
•Sewing Kits and Entropy Accelerators can be purchased from merchants.
•New “power” items dropped from monsters can be used to enhance items.
•Combine 10 soul stones with certain “power” items to create more powerful soul stones.
•Combine Sewing Kits with bags to create bigger bags.
•Consumable items will now always drop from monsters.
•Icons have been changed for bags, strike cubes, and defense cubes.
•Pet card icons have been changed.
•All monsters now have a chance to drop basic skill cards.
•Resurrection Scrolls and Counterpoison Scrolls no longer drop from monsters.
•Drop rate of Return Scrolls decreased.
•Rank 1-4 equipment and cubes will drop differently.
•Rank 4 and above boost chips can now be purchased with lak.
•New Rank 5, 6, and 7 rings have been added.
•New Rank 7 necklaces and earrings have been added.
•A variety of new grocery items are now available.
•Multiple items can now be added to the combination window by Shift+left clicking on a stack of items.
•Grocery items should now report the correct amount recovered in their tooltips.
•Recommended levels for Rank 6 items will now increase by 3 levels per upgrade instead of 2.
•Recommended levels for Rank 7 items will now increase by 2 levels per upgrade instead of 3.
•Stats on decorative Angel Wings have been increased.
•Moon Rabbit decorative pets have been added to the Item Shop.
•The Auctioneers got sick of each other and have decided to stand next to the Warehouse Keepers in town instead of together in the Auction House.
•Teleporters can now teleport you to locations near town. Walking is so last Epic!
•The Hidden Village teleporter can now send you to the Veiled Island and Marduka’s Realm Gate.
•User Interface
•Numerical morality value and changes will now be displayed in the UI.

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