How To: 'Increasing Lak necklaces'

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How To: 'Increasing Lak necklaces' Empty How To: 'Increasing Lak necklaces'

Post  Sariasi on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:34 pm

Hi all,

this is my first information post from the KoG forum..
have fun!

How to improve a Lak necklace

an improved chaos necklace can hold more lak than the standard necklace. from 500 for the standard necklace to 5000 for a fully improved necklace. if you get a better necklace than the one you have currently say one with bonuses of some type you may actually MOVE the LAK holding ability of one necklace to another. you just need a couple of things.

here is what you need:
1. augmentation of chaos <cash store bought item, bumps up lak storage by 500 per augmentation>
2. a necklace <store bought and monster dropped necklaces are lvl 1 by default>
3. Chalk of stabilization <bought from in game vendor at all towns>

here are the instructions:
1. open combination window
2. put necklace level 1 and chalk of stabilization item in window
3. hit combine
4. you end up with a necklace level 0 and a chaos stone level 1
5. place augmentation of chaos gem and chaos stone lvl 1 in combination window
6. hit combine
7. you end up with chaos stone level 2 (This will never fail!! It won’t break ever)
8. repeat steps 5 to 7 as needed to get to the level of necklace you want. be careful there are 3 types of augmentation gems depending on the level of stone
9. place level 0 necklace and chaos stone level 2 in combination window
10. hit combine
11. put on necklace level 2
and last but not least
12. pat self on the back for job well done.

moving the chaos stone from one necklace to another simply entails doing steps 1 through 4 for each necklace and then putting the improved chaos stone into your new necklace. follow steps 8 through 11 for that.

I hope this helps and makes your dungeon runs more productive

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