How to: 'Index server is out.. what now?'

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How to: 'Index server is out.. what now?' Empty How to: 'Index server is out.. what now?'

Post  Sariasi on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:41 pm

Hi guys,

another nice how to from the KoG forum,
use it well!

Now never use what I am about to put in here during maintenance. It's only for when the index is down, and the rest of the servers are up.

Have fun!

Taken off the official Rappelz Forums:

There is a known workaround for when the index server goes down, to at least allow players to log in.

Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. I am not sure if this'll violate the ToS or not... but it's something that's been used since E3/E4 to work around the index server downtimes.

WARNING: Do NOT use this workaround during maintenance or just after! You may end up missing out on game patches and/or updates, resulting in game crashes or even worse, being detected as modifying the game (resulting in possible bans/abyss, or whatever they have in place at the time).

1. Go to your "Internet Explorer" browser (yes, only IE, not firefox/chrome/etc).
a: For IE 5/6: go to "File", find the option "Work Offline" and enable it
b: For IE 7/8: push the "alt" button on your keyboard to bring up the bar with "File" on it, then follow the instructions from 2a.
3. Start up the rappelz launcher and start the game
4. While the game's loading, go back to IE and disable "Work Offline" (otherwise you may run into other issues ingame).

Note: If your IE cache has been emptied between your last rappelz launch and "now", this work work.

Best of luck ppl!

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