the Art of deleveling

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the Art of deleveling Empty the Art of deleveling

Post  Sariasi on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:45 pm

Hi guys,

another nice How to: from the KoG forum,

have fun!

Q-What is deleveling?
A-It is dying over and over again hopefully with some clerics or a few people to throw ressurection scrolls on your corpse.

Q-Why would anyone want to delevel?
A-2 Reasons
1. For Farming-usually pet cards
2. For JP reasons-when you die, you lose exp. not jp. You'll gain higher level skills, and higher jlvl. so you can be overbred at lvl 50, and be able to start to work on
new skills right away when you job level.

Q-Should I delevel or not?
A-That all depends on how you feel about it. If you don't want to take the time, don't bother. If being stronger, and ready to job change at level 50, absolutely.

Q-If I don't delevel, what level can I be overbred at?
A-There are 2 possibilities depending on how your skilling yourself.
1. If you max your skills and job level before job changing, it could take until about level 65-70.
2. If you only go to level 1 on each skill and concentrate on just your job level, it could take until around level 55.
You DO NOT have to be lvl 50 to job change. You can be higher. You just can't be lower.
*Small note* After having done lvl 1 on all DarkLuckyLady's skills and going to job level 50 without deleveling, her overbreeding process was complete at level 56.

I know people who have job changed, and deleveled back to level 5 for skilling. So it is really all about what you want to do. I see no point in deleveling after job changing as the higher the level you go, the more jp you pick up at each level, as it takes more exp to level up at each level. When you hit r4, you are only going to gain about .01% exp for each kill. I was getting about 700k jp per level at that point on my priest. Your skills will be maxed around level 100.

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