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Post  Sariasi on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:23 am

And another post from the KoG site,

if you have any requests on information, just post it
and ill look if I can find it there..

have fun!

Ursa is a small dungeon where the main focus is points for kills not exp and jp. You should go in with a full party.
When entering Ursa at the manager, you will be transported to an area with a tree type of NPC. You talk to the tree, and you can choose an already made room or create one.
When you get in there you have 1/2 hour to kill as much down there as possible.
Ursa Caverns entrance is open for 15 minutes, and closed for about 30-40 minutes when they close the doors.
If you succeed in getting the points, you will gain 500 gen points to spend at the gen trader. If you make the most points, you get extra gen points.

Map of Ursa:
Ursa Map

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