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Post  Sariasi on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:26 am

Hi guys,

and an Achievement Shop info post ripped of the KoG forum,

Have fun!

Upon completing certain achievements in the game, you gain achievement points and items available in the Rappelz Achievement Shop.
There are:
Stamina Savers (no trade; locked to the character who puts it in their inventory)
Creature Name Change
Creature Resurrection SpellBooks
Tamed Blue Pixie (bound to one of your characters)
Tamed Orc (bound to one of your characters)
Tamed Yeti (bound to one of your characters)
Feather of Summon

Achievement Shop is found here:

Most achievements are awarded at level 20, 40, 50, followed by every 10 levels.
There are achievements for creating one of each job. You get achievements for each second job change as well.

and another post concerning the achievement shop:

If you check out Rappelz on Twitter:
They have put in a request to make the achievement shop pets storable in wh. This means all of your characters will be able to use them. However, they won't be tradable or sellable.

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