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Dungeon's and Maps Empty Dungeon's and Maps

Post  Sariasi on Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:27 am

Hi guys,

some dungeon information

have fun!

What dungeon?

There are different dungeons in Rappelz. Please go to the one that is most appropriate for your level range.
Relics of Arid Moonlight-lvl 30-50
Lost Mines-lvl 50-70
CV-lvl 70-90
PP-lvl 90-120
Temple of the Ancients-lvl 120+
(soon with solus aurum also a new dungeon)

What do you have to do in a DP:
When you go into the dungeon, it is best if you know what it is you are supposed to do.

Healers: You will be healing and buffing and sitting. You won't be attacking in a dungeon unless you job change to bishop, and then it won''t be appreciated if you attack if you are the only healer.

Kahunas: You will be buffing. If you notice the healers mp getting low, use Restoring Purified Water to help heal a little. You will als be dealing damage.

Dark Magicians You will be buffing. You will be debuffing your mobs and casting damage on them.

Holy Warrior: You will be tanking, which means the aggro should all be on you.

Breeders: You will be healing and buffing pets. Please don't let the clerics heal them, as that is a waste of mp when you can be doing it. You will also be dealing damage.

Striders, Fighters, Spell Singers, Sorcerers: You will be damage doing.

A strider with quick pace should lead the party through the dungeon because of your evasion passive skill and the best given ability to outrun mobs. Use quick pace and a wind potion while running (and if there is a kahuna, also get the wind buff). You should be at your party spot before the rest, with the trail of mobs behind you, leaving a clear path for the rest of the party to run through.

Chippers: Normally the Holy Warrior should be chipping. However, a strider or Fighter are also good chippers. Spell Singers, Sorcerers, and Breeders can chip as well, as long as you feel you won't die until the party jumps on the mob.


As some of you are progressing in Rappelz, and want to move on to new dungeons, I'm going to post some maps of each of the dungeons for you. Right now I'm going to add the picture for Palmir Plateau. Please, please take note:
Start studying it now. Notice all the numbers? They are gates. It is very, very confusing in there when you have to find your gates.

Palmir Plateau Map

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