How To: ''New Solus Aurum items"

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How To: ''New Solus Aurum items" Empty How To: ''New Solus Aurum items"

Post  Sariasi on Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:29 am

Hi all,

just got this from the KoG forum about the
new SA items:

Entropy Accelerators:
Combine 1 Entropy with any 4 skill cards (there is no need to use all the same type) and you get 4 parts. (1 distiled skill, and 3 pure powers(or something like that))
Combine 2 Entropy with any 10 skill cards and you get 10 parts.
They cost 100k at the merchant.

Sewing Kits:
These are bought from the merchant for 30k.
What are they used for?
They upgrade any bag from rogue's bag on up to make a higher bag.
How to do it:
Combine Sewing Kit with your bag of choice.
*NOTE* If the combination fails, all items are lost.

New items dropping. Here is what they are and how you use them.
Essence of powder-use these to make concentrated powder. It takes 10 to make 1.
Concentrated Powder-use these to make:
1. superior Spell, Wind, and Quick pots.
What it takes
3 deluxe pots of same kind and one concentrated powder to make 1 sup pot
2. Rare stones
What it takes
10 of the same type soul stone and 1 concentrated powder to make 1 rare stone
*NOTE* This can fail and you will lose all items.

Extreme Powder-used to make-
1. Spell, Wind, and Quick pots that are not droppable and are even better than those that do drop and 1 part of a broken skill card
What it takes
3 of the same pots, 1 pure power and 1 extreme powder to make 1 very good pot
2. Skill Cards
What it takes
Distilled Skill which come from breaking skill cards and 1 Extreme Powder.
3. Epic stones
What is takes
10 of same type rare soul stones and one extreme powder
*NOTE* im not sure if it can fail, but if it can you will lose all items when it fails.

I hope this helps you guys,

hf gl bb

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