How to: 'Level farming'

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How to: 'Level farming' Empty How to: 'Level farming'

Post  Sariasi on Tue Sep 29, 2009 4:43 pm

Hi guys,

where to farm.. always a annoying question.

if you are just going for levels and JPs, follow this guide:

At levels 30-40:
Ivory Tower; Sirag Ruins; Magic Experimental Fields; Blue Pixies East of Laksy Anchor; Orcs near Fairy's Woods; Hawks near Pyre Site

Levels 40-50:
Angels North Laksy (not at Fairy's Woods); Siren's Island; Public Cemetary of Wolha; Assassin's Guild; Templar Headquarters; Red Pixies-north of Siren's Island

Levels 50-60:
West side of PBW (Pitch Black Woods); Blue Pixies heading east of Rondo; Fairy's Woods; West of Moon 2-take the more southern path; Salamanders south Rondo

Level 60-70:
Yetis south of Siren's Island; Red Pixies-south of Salamanders

Level 70-80:
Ceriu Desert; The Coast; Palmir Plateau entrance Just north of Cherry Blossoms Road

Level 80-90:
West Side PBW; Out Side Crystal valley and leading up to CV (Crystal Valley); Before entrance of Palmir Plateau (north of the Hawks farmed at lvl 70-80)

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